The People behind the Products…

Mya and Mama

Amy and her daughter Mya

Amy Lems has worked as a licensed cosmetologist and salon owner since 1990 and currently owns/operates a small eco-friendly salon in the charming New England town of Norwich, Vermont. After the birth of her daughter in 2009, Environmental Working Group ( and their Skin Deep Database ( became an indispensable tool to decipher confusing ingredient lists and find safe personal care products for her daughter. When she struggled to find a safe, natural, effective, and affordable moisturizer for her young daughters’ eczema, she decided to make her own. After lots of experimentation, Mya’s Body Butter was perfected; safe, effective, and affordable. It inspired Amy to follow her passion to develop a range of safe, effective, and affordable products. Vermont Organic Health & Beauty Solutions was born. #AskTheUniverse

Since Amy was in graduate school working on her MBA, she decided to apply her study requirements to acquire an in depth understanding of the “green” segment of the global personal care industry. Although the chemical industry in the U.S. is unregulated, the European Union does regulate the ingredients proven safe for use in personal care products sold in Europe. ( She found the “green” segment of many global industries, including the personal care product industry, was growing exponentially. The implication was that consumers were actively searching for and buying products that were considered eco-friendly.

Amy’s experience in her MBA program convinced her to organize as a triple bottom line or Benefit company, where People, Planet, and Profit weigh equally in the company’s bottom line pursuit of profitability. This includes accountability to creating positive impact while considering society and the environment; sustainability by having a minimal negative impact on the local/global environment, community, society, or economy; and transparency in our goals, history, performance and operations.  This is an ongoing endeavor as new information and innovation will continue to impact how Vermont Organic Solutions and its products and practices evolve. #BeTheChange

Since starting Vermont Organic Solutions we have attracted some kindred spirits along the way. These lovely ladies all have jobs, families, and plenty of other responsibilities but have generously given of their time and talents to help contribute to a company they believe in. #BlessedandGrateful

Nikki Dussault


Nikki Dussault – Wife, office manager, mother of two, homesteader, gardener, craft connoisseur, brainstorming buddy, kitchen witch, office wife. Couldn’t do it without you!



Jennifer Provost


Jennifer Provost – Para-educator, mother of two, effervescent cleaner and organizer extraordinaire. Thanks to you, we can find everything!



Sara Fleury


Sara Fleury – Phoenix, mother of two, multiple job juggler, Spotter of Luck and Beauty, Photographer.



Lena Berry


Lena Berry – Wife, mother of two, AmaZing culinary skills, does anything and everything. Our super glue!


Nicole Vecchi

Nicole Vecchi – From Duchess of the Den to packette labeler with everything else in between. Also employed full time, mother of two, volunteer for just about everything. (We’re not sure but we think she has clones, or at least minions.)


Shawn Barlow

Shawn Barlow is our financial and inventory wizard. Oh and she helps with just about anything and everything else too.





We hope you love using our products as much as we love making them! We encourage feedback from our customers. After all, we are here because of your support.